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of alcohol
How well
do you know Holsten beer?
Interactive on-line game
The concept
Holsten wanted us to create an interactive promotion offer called Holsten Beer Expert. The users are encouraged to take part in a quiz on different kinds and ingredients of Holsten beer.
After completing the quiz, the users obtain a certain status which gives them some further benefits.
log in with
To take part in the promotion a user has to log in with Facebook
Take part in the quiz
and get the Expert status
To do so, users have to guess the right ingredients in 9 kinds of beer
Parameters to be determined
  • Malt
  • Strength
  • Colour
  • Brilliance
Become a Holsten beer expert
On passing the quiz, contestants get the Expert status and also a chance to get the top prize
Mike Morris
Holsten expert
Improve your ranking by visiting more pubs
The top prize
The winner among Experts will get 4 invitation cards to attend a secret Holsten party with some big sport stars
Top-scoring contestants will get a T-shirt as a present
We created
a responsive web-design
We developed an adaptive version for mobile devices and tablets
took part
in the promo
of beer