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brand book and a corporate website for a real estate agency


Commercial Spaces Group

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Brand book and corporate website for a real estate agency
CSG wanted us to create a database of residential and commercial real estate with an easy-to-use executive system
Search for real estate
3 simple steps
To simplify the search, we designed a catalog with categories and subcategories
Try it yourself
The search results
The search results can be displayed either as a list or as markers on the city map
Google Maps API implementation
The Advertising Page
The final step in choosing the real estate is the advertising page of a particular offer
get contact details of the manager
find out about the terms of purchase or lease
check the location on the city map
Internal pages
We designed the interior parts of the company site dedicated to its services, information about the company and its staff, and contacts details
Corporate Style
We created original corporate style that is colour set, logo, business cards, envelops and blank sheets
promo cms
The site and the real estate database are managed with Promo CMS
The advantages of the system:
  • it's fast
  • it’s simple and intuitive
  • it’s close-knit
  • it's free*
* — for Takefive customers